Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . .

Things have been normal (whatever that means) around
the house for about a week now. Sugar laid another
egg, and when I threatened to take her to the vet for
a Lupron injection, she stopped.

Stormy here today; sudden rain interspersed with
sudden sunlight.

I know my birds mostly sleep while I'm at work, but I
can't help but suspect they do some communicating,
too. I mean, there are four of them in the same
room, sharing the same environment and the same
human. Anthropomorphizing again, but what the hell.

I've gotten the too-short first draft of my book
done, and am waiting on some feedback from a couple
of folks who know the technical stuff better than me.
I wish they'd hurry back with their suggestions; I
want to get the thing finished and done with.

I was busy last night and didn't have time to take my
birds out for individual scritches. I'll be busy
tomorrow night, too, so I might skip my chorus
rehearsal tonight in order to spend some quality
avian. And maybe even get my laundry caught up.


Cartooniste said...

what is this "anthropomorphizing" of which you speak?
I know nothing about this. Not at all.


How's the flock doing?

Scritches.com said...

It means attributing human characteristics to animals -- emotions, thoughts, etc. Except I believe animals do have emotions and thoughts, and I seriously wonder if we really are the 'superior" species.

I've got two blogs I'm trying to get up but they're not uploading for some reason.

Cartooniste said...

Sorry- I was being facetious. What I meant was, I clearly anthropomorphize our animals too. In fact, we've sort of stopped experiencing them as animals. They're like roommates who never do the dishes.

It's one of the main reasons L and I are both vegetarian. Hope the book comes together ok.