Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Year Into Another

I was reviewing the resolutions I made for this year, and they reminded me of that old saying: "If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans."

2009 turned out to be a year of personal loss. I lost both of my writing mentors; Jim in June and Jack Myers in November. The best avian vet in this region of the US left for Iowa in August (and I'm still upset about it). And, of course, I lost my most beloved Sugar Franklin, which I'm pretty sure I'll never get over.

Yet, like any year or period of time it was not all bad or all the same. My three remaining parrots are healthy and spoiled. I got my bathroom remodeled and lived through the experience. My mother is in relatively good health and remains active. I still have a job. My first collection of poetry was finally published in October. I did a lot of decluttering around the house throughout the year and realized that I had a lot more room than I thought and it's so much easier to find things. I made some new friends I hope are around for a long time. I regained some faith in our government during Obama's first year. I learned to let a lot of crap go at work by just not caring anymore (though I did have a melt down a couple of weeks ago, which seems to have set a lot of stuff in motion that should have been addressed a year ago, so maybe that was probably a good thing. Maybe).

With less than three hours left in 2009, what do I resolve for 2010? To keep my house and life clear of stuff I don't need. To continue to love and care for my three parrots. Save at least a little money. Write more. Spend more time with people who love me.

I think I've made God laugh enough this year.