Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hand Perches

I think I'm going to branch out in this blog. After all, there is only so much you can say about birds, and lord knows I've already said it twice. Maybe I can be as eloquent as incrementaldegrees.blogspot.com, only without the grad school.

It's been raining just a bit here; enough to require the windshield wipers but not enough to require an umbrella. We really need rain and lots of it. What we're getting now is a tease. The Farmer's Almanac said it'll be a dry winter and dry year next year, too.

Last night I had the birds out; Sugar on my shoulder
and Charli perched on my hand. I was holding my hand
out and continued to hold it out while Charli preened
and generally made herself comfortable. After awhile
my hand got tired, but I didn't want to disturb
Charli's ease.

Sugar would climb to my shoulder or down to my chest
and demand I pet her. But of course I can't pet her
correctly since she's still molting and all her
little feathers are pin ones.

The Bobbsey Twins climbed out of their cage and
perched themselves on the door of the cage. I still
can't figure out if they like each other or if their
hisses at each other are genuine dislike. I hope
they like each other, at least enough to preen one