Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I managed to get up, get showered, and get out early this morning.  First, a quick trip to S's Bakery for doughnuts that make Krispy Kremes look and taste like lumps of lead.  They're only open a few days a week and on Saturdays; they're always sold out by 10 am.  They refuse to franchise.

Then my second trip of the season to the farmer's market.  The city finally built a nice pavillion (above) and the stands stretch around the entire block.  I got there about 7:45 so it wasn't crowded yet.  Today's purchases were fresh sugar snap peas, new potatoes, a cucumber, a heavy red tomato, two ears of corn, and a huge stalk of broccoli.  

The Bobbsey Twins and I like raw broccoli florettes; Charli likes the stalk.  So everyone got good stuff.

For supper I tried two new recipes from for the sugar snap peas and roasted potatoes.  The birds were completely uninterested in either, possibly because neither had almonds involved.

For dessert I had a slice of french vanilla pound cake, topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and slices of fresh peach.

I've been trying to eat a little better -- I have no illusion I'll ever eat as well as they do over on Parrot Musings -- but more vegetables, less meat, less sugar and fat, and no HFCS.  One bite at a time.

The Gulf of Mexico continues to die.  Perhaps BP isn't working on a Saturday, especially a holiday weekend -- the oil spill cam doesn't look a bit different today than it did yesterday.   I'm being sarcastic, of course.  Beats screaming.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Storms in the morning and threats of storms the rest of the day.  Suited my mood perfectly.  

Here is a picture of a dying heron, caught in the oil from the oil slick in Louisiana.  
Here's a closer view.  Those  of you who have parrots probably recognize the pose.

To say that I'm sick to the very soul of what's happening in the Gulf of Mexico would be the understatement of the year. 

I try not to think about it, but of course it's everywhere.  I spend too much time on facebook, watching the updates come through and the angry blog entries appear. 

It's Friday of the Memorial Day weekend.   There's some odd movie on, The April Fools, with Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve and Peter Lawford.  It was clearly created sometime in the 60s; it's been on for over 30 minutes and no one's ended up in bed yet.   

My three little birds are tucked away in their respective sleeping areas, cages covered and dark.  I've been spoiling them too much lately -- too many peanuts and Nutriberries, bits bagels made with white flour, organic corn chips.  On the one hand they should be spoiled and allowed to have whatever they like (except for chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and avocado, of course); on the other hand, am I cutting their lives short by clogging their little arteries?

I'm going to make a big effort to get up early, early, early tomorrow morning for the farmer's market -- I like it when it first opens.  Everything is fresh and tempting, everyone is mostly awake and hopeful, before it gets too hot and humid and you have to squeeze between crowds of people to hand over money or put ears of corn in a bag.  Fresh potatoes and beans, lettuces, peppers, a cup of Marco's coffee made from his freshly roasted coffee beans, the heavy melons and soft peaches, ropes of garlic.  I always buy too much, but where else can I get local honey and free range eggs and cross-examine the farmer about his grain-fed roasts?

I want to start keeping my blog updated more regularly, too.   

My big plan for the weekend was to work on the book, but I've decided to let it go for a bit longer.  R and I are going to go to the movies and/or eat and/or plan a world takeover -- or something, just to get out of the house.  For the rest of it, I'll try to catch up on my favorite blogs and take several naps.  And not think about dying animals trapped in oil.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby Day 2010

Yes, I know it's been awhile.  Work, life, friends, family, strangers, and so on.

Today I finished the first draft of a book I've been working on.  A very bad draft, but finished all the same.  Now all I have to do is fill in details, get the style straightened out, polish the prose, make sure things flow in a logical order, and so on.  Another two or three drafts and I might actually have a real book worth reading.  No sweat!

In other areas, things are fine.  Work is quiet, for the most part.  I have a new therapist I like a lot who seems to know what he's doing, and that's helped a lot.

I received my first royalty check a few weeks ago.  A laughably small amount, but the amount doesn't matter.  I took a couple of pictures of it, in case I ever needed to remember.