Friday, August 29, 2008

Neighborly Update

The dark maroon sedan is gone. The big copper-colored truck is back as is the red car. I saw the young Asian-looking woman getting out of the red car as I was picking up my mail yesterday. I haven't seen the young black woman for two weeks or so.

The dog is in their backyard tonight, barking like crazy at 8:30 pm. We have noise ordinances that include barking dogs.

Perhaps I should write a soap opera, based on the neighbors.

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Mary said...

What interesting neighbors you have! I don't know how they live such an uncertain life!

I responded on my blog about the carolina parakeet, but not sure if you check back in the comments. I'm pretty sure it's an amazon of some kind. There is a carolina parakeet in the basement of the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, but I couldn't get a good picture. What a sad story of how they were eliminated... The CP was less brilliant than I was expecting, but I"m not sure if that has to due with age and taxidermy methods or if that's how it really was.

Also -- sorry if this comes up twice. I hit send once, and it came up again with a new comment moderation for me to do.