Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finishing Up

The book is mostly finished -- well, the writing of it anyway. Now I have to get Charli to pose for the cover picture -- ha! Then I have to format it, do an index and table of contents, get my ISBN, then get it converted over into PDF to match CafePress' standards.

Sugar has been sneaking around and laying eggs now every ten days or so. Enough is enough, so this week she's going for a Lupron shot. Plus her preen gland is getting impacted again.

Who knew such a tiny little bundle of feathers could be so much trouble and so expensive?

I've been invited to a concert out of town in a couple of weeks, which means I'd be out of town for maybe 30 hours. Which means I'll have to find a bird sitter to check on my babies lest they (the birds) open their cages and trash the place. Only there are only two people that I know of who bird sit, and they're both expensive and overbooked. I'm almost tempted not to go to the concert because it'll be so much aggravation arranging things.

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Cartooniste said...

Do you never leave them overnight? Parrot does ok on her own with a towel half over the bird condo, and with the radio on npr. She's grumpy when we get back, but otherwise ok. Since we got Puppy this happens less, of course, since he is a basket case. But when Parrot and I were swinging single girls in NYC, she spent occasional nights alone, on the condition that I let her sit on my head for four hours straight upon my return.