Friday, June 29, 2007

Spring Drought

It's been very hot here for the past week, with no
relief in sight. And it isn't even officially summer

We're in a moderate drought status, and talk of rain
now comes easily into conversations with strangers.
My birds, of course, are oblivious to all this.
Their environment is cool, they have abundant food
and water, plenty of toys for amusement, and a staff
person to cater to their every desire.

But something in their physiology responds to what's
going on outside. They've all been molting more than
usual this season. I come home and there are
feathers all over the floor, as if a wild animal had
caught one of my babies and left behind only
feathers. But all the birds are intact, with bits of
down feathers and the occasional flight or contour
feather falling out.

The new feather sheaths are itchy and prickly, so I
have to be very careful about helping them preen
themselves. Once false move in the wrong place and
I'll re-learn a valuable lesson.

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