Sunday, April 17, 2011

Overcoming Inertia

Forgive me, readers.  It's been several months since I updated my blog.  In that time I've had the living/dining/kitchen area and bedroom repainted, done major decluttering of closets, had a harmless growth removed from my leg, and am currently recovering from the annual round of springtime allergies that end up being sinus infections requiring lots of antibiotics and extra naps.

This picture is Nicholas, looking out from behind a sort of woven net of bagel bites and some kind of coarse fibers.  I took it a few days ago; I forgot to reset the date on the camera when I changed the battery.

The birds are wonderful.  They like me being home, except that I don't let them out as frequently and for as long as they think they should be out.  It's not really a problem with the Bobbsey Twins since they rarely stray from the open cage door, but Charli's another matter.

There are books in dire need of chewing, she has decided.  And it's so convenient to climb from my shoulder to the book case when I'm sitting on the couch.  We then go through several rounds of her climbing to the bookcase and me bringing her back to my shoulder.  Then she gets mad; her little eyes narrow and she becomes even more determined to get to the bookcase.  I bring her back to the coffee table and show her that her favorite sudoku book is available for chewing, but no . . . . it's the cookbooks in the bookcase she wants.

It's taken me several months, but I think I've finally gotten a healthy routine set out, which means I can get back to some serious writing.  I bought myself a Kindle and I've been reading a lot of books rather than listening to them from  Writing an update is my way of starting to kick some inertia butt!


Shannon said...

Glad to hear from you, BP, and to know you're doing well. Well, err...the sinus infections aren't so great - don't I know what those are like. Arghhh... But keep us in the loop about your goings-on! We love to hear from you.

Beloved Parrot said...

Thanks Shannon! How is Steve doing?

To my other two readers (grin), be sure to go to Shannon's site and check out the miracle story of her and Steve. You'll regain hope for the human race.

Deena said...

I'm glad to see a post from you! Those allergies are no fun, but it sounds like you are getting a lot of other things in order.

Which one is Shannon's site? I'd enjoy taking a look at it.

: )

Beloved Parrot said...

Well, duh . . . . Shannon's site is

You can read about Steve beginning his new life at

Mary and Shannon have worked miracles with this bird.


Mary said...

Glad to see you back! What a cute picture of Nicholas -- I love it when they try to sneak a look at you, as if you can't see them :)

Interestingly enough, the vet whose blog you linked me to is planning a visit to the rescue where I volunteer this weekend (we "met" through another blog she writes when she used one of the rescue's pictures to illustrate something in her blog). Small world, and thanks so much for telling me about the wildlife blog -- I hadn't known about it!