Saturday, November 15, 2008

Craig's List

So I put an ad on Craig's List last night, in the Personals section. I used my account in case someone I know answers the ad. I was very frank in the ad -- just want to chat, should be intelligent and have a sense of humor, and not assume sexual favors will be bestowed just because we exchange enough e-mails, etc. I said if something happens between us we'll act like adults, but not to expect anything. After I read it I thought it was pretty hard ass and no one would respond.

So imagine my surprise to find two responses in my account. One evidently copy and pasted and barely looked at my ad, and the other one had read my post and thanked me for being frank.

Nothing ever comes of these ads, but I like to give them a try every year or so just to see. I know how cynical I sound but as I said in my ad, 99 percent of the men I've met and dated are liars, married, drunks, or druggies -- but I really enjoy the remaining one percent.


Mary said...

I can't wait to hear if anything comes of this! I have a couple of friends doing Internet dating right now. It can be really hard because, as you said, people aren't always (usually!) how they represent themselves.

Cartooniste said...

Have you ever tried Several of my friends have had good results there.