Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I've had a wonderful anti-social day. I've spent it reading Carved in Stone and reading more medical blogs. I fiddled around with my blog, changing the colors and layout.

I had all the birds out at different times, then I gave them all dishes of water for baths. Charli and Sugar really got into theirs; the Bobbsey Twins just stood on the edge of the bowl and looked at the water.

The next door neighbor had a visitor who left their car running and their car radio blasting out that bass THUMP THUMP THUMP at 700 decibels. I finally had to go over there and ask them to turn the damn thing down. Who leaves their car running for over 30 minutes these days anyway?

While I was out I found an unlit firecracker in the front yard. Then I went around the house to be sure none of last night's fireworks hit my house.

I've been leaving the television off on weekends until about 9pm, and it's amazing how much more I get done and how much less frazzled I feel. I do keep the radio on at a low volume, tuned to NPR though.

Tomorrow at work we're having a "retreat," and I've been dreading it for a week. Three hours of "positive" talk and reminders to work harder and do more with less and how we're all great people -- never mind that they pay us the bare minimum. Just be positive about it, okay? grrrr


Mary said...

Also, so happy to see that you've resumed blogging!

Fireworks scare my birds, especially my caique Calypso. Luckily it wasn't too bad this year.

Have you visited the blog Addicted to Medblogs?

Cartooniste said...

Hi BP! I, too, am glad to see you back to blogging. It's good for the sanity.

For pics, I usually just take images off my own computer, or occasionally will do a Google image search and steal one that seems thematically appropriate.

And boo to retreats. That makes it sound like they're supposed to be relaxing, but really they tend to be guilt-riddled nightmarefests. I suggest a hefty dose of cold medicine the morning of, and then at least you can be sort of dazed throughout the whole thing. "Sorry," you can say. "It's just all this cold medicine..."