Friday, February 26, 2010

The Plot Continues

This is little Flash, snoozing between bouts of scheming with Nicholas.  He has such a beautiful crest, and he's an awesome flier.  I adore him.

Things continue to be unhealthy at work, and I've got applications out everywhere I can.  Personal life is pretty stable; family members and friends all well. The weather here is nearly as bad as it is everywhere in the nation.  Spring cannot come quickly enough.

All my parrots are spoiled and continuing their work on the Great Parrot Takeover.  I no longer pretend I'm anything but a pawn and almond provider in their diabolical plans.

In this picture Nicholas and Flash eye me warily.  Evidently I interrupted some sort of planning session.

I've told all my non-parrot-owning friends to begin the search for me if they don't hear from me for a certain amount of time.  Just in case.


Mary said...

Sorry to hear the work situation isn't any better. You hadn't posted about it in such a long time that I'd been hoping things had been resolved. Hopefully you can get into a better environment soon.

Your tiels are just so adorable. But of course you know that! I was playing with the male tiels at the rescue yesterday and was so tempted to stuff a couple down my shirt and make a run for it :)

Have a great weekend! Hope you're not working!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! And, they do it all with ESP and high-pitched bird tweets!

Bryan said...

Lovely tiels you have. I really like the picture of Flash dozed off for a nap. He's really cute!