Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Bird! (I hope)

I'm so proud of Charli. I would have posted this when it happened, but I've been too busy with other stuff.

Our routine in the morning is for me to uncover the birds. Charli demands a little scritch to start her day (unless she'd rather bite me), so I unlock the cage, scritch her little head, lock the cage, and go on about my business.

One day a week or so ago I got home from work and said hello to all the birds. I went to Charli's cage and saw that the door was open! She was in her Hide 'n Sleep, looking at me casually, as if I always leave her cage door open.

Evidently I'd forgotten to close and lock it that morning. I examined her closely to be sure she was all right, then I went through the house to see what damage she might have done while I was gone.

Nothing was damaged or out of place. It was as though she didn't leave her cage all day.

I'm a lot more careful in the mornings now. Just in case.

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Mary said...

Last week, my husband left our congo grey out all day, but she explored (luckily not destroying anything, either). She is not as well-trained as Charli!