Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Blues

Been raining all day. Spring rain but still rain.

I'm seeing someone at the credit union Monday about refinancing my house. He said on the phone he didn't think rates would go down much more so I guess I may as well do it and get it over with. I seriously doubt I'll ever get this house paid for.

I applied for an online instructor position with a local community college, and got hired on the condition I went through the Blackboard training. I kept having technical problems -- their system wouldn't accept my password -- so the woman who "hired" me said since I was having problems I should take more time to learn more technical stuff as well as Blackboard. Their system won't let me in and she says it's my problem.

OK. Suddenly the system is now working so I finish my online Blackboard training and take the certification test, and miss one question over the limit. Then I disappear from the system. I ask what happened and now get told they couldn't let me teach now even if I had passed the test because I have no online experience teaching (this is not quite true, but they decide to ignore that) nor enough training. I asked how exactly I'm supposed to get this experience and this extra training, and she tells me "You're an intelligent woman, you know what to do."

Yep. I am an intelligent woman and I know when I'm getting jerked around. So I've wasted a ton of time and the cost of having transcripts mailed to them -- for nothing.

But there are other community and business colleges that offer online classes, so I'll apply to them, too.

Meanwhile, things are quiet at work. For awhile anyway. Tomorrow is my mid-year review, and I dare my supervisor to say one damn word to me about that awful situation with that awful woman. My supervisor told me months ago it wouldn't be reflected on my evaluation, but my supervisor is not exactly what you'd call trustworthy about that kind of stuff. We'll see.

The administration has sent around a survey to measure employee satisfaction. What a joke -- we've done this several times before and nothing changes. They get up there and announce how happy we all are then everything goes back to what passes for normal. This time they're offering door prizes. And still the response rate is dismally low. The survey gave us three small lines to include our suggestions or comments -- I added three single-spaced pages, which probably hit the trash right off.

Hmmm, writing all this it's suddenly obvious I'm pretty angry, which I didn't realize. Good idea to get out in print.

On the birdie front, Sugar Franklin laid an egg yesterday, despite my very exact instructions not to.

I gave all the birds a soaking bath today, partly to avoid practicing piano. But I finally did sit down at the keyboard and try to do this impossible thing O wants me to do. But I can't seem to make my fingers work right.

sigh . . .

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Mary said...

Hope your review went well!

Sorry about Sugar Franklin and her egg :( Mine aren't really good at listening about stuff like that, either!

Good luck finding another online position. That's frustrating that you had to go through that!