Monday, September 29, 2008

Neighbors, Neighbors, Neighbors

Saturday I happened to glance out the window at my backyard -- there were three or four of the neighbors' puppies playing and rolling around in the yard.

I walked over and the young black woman (whom I haven't seen for several weeks) came to the door and came out on the porch. About the same time the puppies came running across my front yard to the neighbors' front yard. I leaned down and petted one of them (they really are cute), while the young black woman apologized several times. The man who lives there watched all this from inside the living room.

Haven't seen the Asian looking woman for several days, though the red car she drives is parked in the street (presumably so the man can get his big copper-colored truck in and out of the driveway).

More news as it happens!

The picture of two baby cockatiels is from I figured a picture of baby cockatiels would nicely complement a small story about puppies.


Mary said...

There are only two people living in my house, and that's plenty. I can't imagine having so many different people living in one house!

DoodleBird said...

aw, my heart just melted when I saw those two adorable baby faces!