Thursday, July 10, 2008

Later that Night . . .

Got some rude boilerplate e-mail from GoDaddy, so I sent e-mail to the prez.

Sugar Franklin was a tyrant at the vet's today; screaming and fussing as if her wings were being sawed off with a pocket knife. I had her tested for everything; she's ten years old and hasn't had blood work for about five or six years now. Plus a gram stain and urinalysis. We had to wait about 20 minutes for her to poop/pee for a sample -- nothing like standing around waiting for an angry cockatiel to poop.

Her weight was 108, so no worries there.

$186.00. These birds are going to bankrupt me. But it's far cheaper than having blood work done every year. Dr. Z says the trend now is to not do blood work every year unless something is up; only every few years. Easier on the birds and easier on the wallet. Results tomorrow.

Dr. Z just called; the urinalysis was fine but the gram stain showed some budding yeast. So I'm to give her 1 teaspoon of organic vinegar in 4 ounces of distilled water with two drops of honey a day for two weeks (or offer it; I can't make her drink it). And come back in two weeks. No problem but Sugar uses a water bottle and I'll bet the honey will clog up the spout. She'll just have to get used to a bowl for two weeks.

Now I'm going to eat some Haagen Das and watch Gray's Anatomy and Hopkins. Keep your fingers crossed the GoDaddy pres gets to the bottom of my stolen domain name.

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