Sunday, August 12, 2007


One of avian vets told me she thought Sugar's impacted preen gland might be cancer, but I needed to see Dr Z (the premier avain vet in this area of the country), who was in Europe but due back in two days.

I was just sick for two days -- the thought of surgery, the dangers, the prognosis, the expense.

Dr Z said she didn't think it was cancer, but it might be a tumor. And was not uncommon in cockatiels. Please note how she said "not uncommon" rather than "common." What's the difference?

OR it could just be infected. So I'm giving this tiny bundle of yellow feathers and arrogant will power warm compresses and oral antibiotics twice a day.

Sugar takes these meds about as well as can be expected: biting, sticking her tongue against the syringe tip, slinging the meds everywhere, clamping her little beak shut. It's supposed to be sweet so she'll take it -- and when she slung it out yesterday all over my face, I couldn't help but notice that it was sweet. sigh . . .

I'm to see Dr Z Wednesday; she said if the redness and swellling hadn't lessened by Wednesday it was probably a tumor and would require laser surgery, which is quick and clean.

It seemed to me last night that some of the redness had gone,so I've got my fingers crossed.

But, worry queen that I am -- how did this happen and how can I prevent it from happening again?

Oh, and about the eggs -- Sugar's having "fun" sitting on her eggs. She's healthy, on a good diet, and gets plenty of calcium so I'm going to let her be. At least until this preen gland situation gets worked out.

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Cartooniste said...

poor bird! and poor you, having to worry and also manage the medicine. sending good vibes so that this situation clears up by itself.

and if it comes down to the laser, i'll cross my fingers that it's not too expensive....